Details of Echo Tango Charges

  Charges are per day and for the vehicle, not per person, and for unlimited mileage, once the itinerary is agreed.

You pay directly for hotels, admission charges and meals.

I am happy to arrange for alfresco picnics and am fully equipped with rugs, hamper and maybe a barbecue.

Your tour may be of any duration and could be a part of your holiday, or the whole trip.

If we start or finish at the airport, greeting and transfer are no extra charge.

My vehicle is a Toyota Previa people carrier or van, air-conditioned, and has fully comprehensive insurance for private hire.

We can accommodate up to 4 passengers with lots of luggage space, or 5 or 6 with hand luggage.

All seats have full adult leg room.

The daily charge is for vehicle and driver, for unlimited mileage per day, on an agreed itinerary. The daily charge in 2015 for tours is £360 per day (8 hours), for vehicle and driver, with unlimited mileage on an agreed itinerary. Single day tours are £450 per day (10 hours). The charge includes all the preliminary work to produce your individual itinerary and making the bookings.

In the case of nights spent away from London, there is an additional charge for my evening expenses but this is kept to a minimum.

You pay directly for your and my accommodation, and your entry fees and meals. There are no other hidden or additional charges or taxes.