MG & Car Museum Enthusiasts Tour

For those of you who are either vintage car or MG enthusiasts, I can plan a tour for you to see the car museums in England. This can be combined with other sightseeing, or linked to the various old car race meetings, especially the Vintage Car Club meetings at Silverstone, the Goodwood Revival meeting described in the Goodwood Tour, or the car spares market held at Beaulieu.

The 5 car museums are:-

1. Gaydon
This is near Stratford and Warwick. It is the largest national collection, which includes many MG's and #1.

2. Beaulieu
This private collection has many famous and record breaking cars, and much more nostalgia. It is in the grounds of the House and park.

3. Haynes Motor Museum
It is 8 miles North of Yeovil, and easily combined with a visit to Bath. There is a large private collection, including many MG's.

4. Museum of Transportation in Coventry

5. Daimler and Jaguar Museum in Coventry
There is also an aircraft collection at Coventry Airport.

We can also plan a visit to Abingdon, to visit the MG Car Club house by the entrance to the old factory, where the admin block still stands.

A circular tour would go to Beaulieu, Haynes, Bath, Abingdon, The Cotswolds, Gaydon and Coventry. This would be 4 days and 3 nights, but could be made more multi-interest with a few more days and more alternative sightseeing, especially if you have a wife who is not such an enthusiast!

I have been with clients to all these locations several times, and all in one tour in 2007, and often go to the meetings at Goodwood and Silverstone myself. If you would like me to plan a tour for you, please send me some details and dates and I will send you a suggested itinerary.


Please contact me with details of the tour that you would like to take.