Motor Racing at Goodwood

If you are interested in the Revival, I am available for a one day, 2 night tour or as part of a longer tour, perhaps to visit the motor museums at Haines, Gaydon and Coventry, as I did with a client in 2007.

The best day is the Sunday.

It's my favourite single day out in the whole year!!

2004 I went to the Revival Meeting last Sunday, after staying overnight in Southsea. This time Pam came with me, and although she does not drive a car and has little interest in them, she was very impressed with the meeting as a whole, including the static period displays, the air displays and the excellent organisation of everything.

This really is a unique event, and if you are American and would like to see an authentic day of car racing and everything associated with it in 60's style, do contact me. It is simply the best day out in the calendar! You can read more about it below, and visit their web site.

If you want 60 photos of the event, send me a mailing address and I will send them on a CD.

Charges for the Tour

The cost of the tour depends on the size of your party and the number of days. It can be a tour on its own, or part of a further tour with me. Airport greeting and transfer are no extra charge.

As the Echo Tango charges are per day, not per person, the tour is a bit less if you have a full party of 6. The family rooms are for a couple and 2 children up to 16 years, and the charge is per room. Let me know your requirements, and I will give you a costing.

Please e-mail me or use the enquiry form.


This circuit, like several in this country, is the perimeter road of the war-time airfield. Racing started after the war in the 50's, and I recall going there as a boy. By the late 60's, the cars had become too fast for the circuit and racing ceased. The airfield remains and the track was used for demonstrations.

Five years ago, the Earl of March opened the circuit again and I went to the first Revival day. It was brilliant! Within 3 years the event has become well established in our calendar, and is attended by many famous people including Sterling Moss, who celebrated his 70th birthday there, The Earl of March, heir to the Goodwood estate, is well connected in motorsport, and for 10 years has held a Festival of Speed hill-climb in the grounds of the House. This is now so popular, it sells out in advance, and the circuit Revival meeting is going that way.

The organisers encourage the crowds to dress in 60's period costume, and there are plenty of us who have some! Owners of period cars are given special parking areas so they can be viewed.

What is so special, the circuit at Goodwood has never been altered or changed, as all the other existing circuits have been. It is restored, not modified, and provides magnificent viewing. Over 1 million tons of earth have been made into a 20 foot high viewing bank right around the outside of the circuit, so one can spend the day walking around and see every aspect of the circuit. Grandstand seats are available on the Saturday & Sunday. For a party of 6 I will throw in two seats, so you can take it in turns to rest the legs. There is excellent catering around the circuit, proper lavatories and of course bars.

For lovers of nostalgia, this is a great day of flying and motorsport. The field by the airstrip is sewn with barley, which had been harvested and the stooks stacked in 3's. I can remember doing this as a kid. The harvester and the threshing machine were in the field. What a backdrop to your photos! They even stopped the commentary for the low passes of the Spitfire so you can get the full sound on the recorders from the Merlin engine.

The morning gives you free access to the cars in the pits, and a chance to see the famous and ask for autographs. The afternoon racing is a chance to see cars driven to their full. There is little to distinguish the Saturday and the Sunday, though the latter is the big day, but the program for Saturday is just as full.