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From 2000 to 2014 I have organised 174 tours. Of these, 40 were of Jane Austen sights, 29 tours of the Cotswolds, 15 to Bath and 14 to places in Kent and Sussex in south-east England, and the remainder to a variety of places requested by clients.
Presented by
Julian Spencer Rouse

We have visited 145 different country houses and castles, 131 places of special interest, and 57 cathedrals and churches.

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If you wish to see the England that is hidden from the usual traveller and tour operator, I am your man!

I personally drive each tour and thereby have the opportunity, if you wish, of sharing my experiences with you. I graduated from Cambridge University in 1967, and have spent 10 years in the computing services industry in the City, 10 years running pubs, wine bars and restaurants, and 25 years in the travel business. I have been running these customized tours for the last 18 years.

Book with me, and it's me you get!

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